Group Statement of Cash Flows for the year ended 30 June 2015

Cash flow from operating activities
Profit for the year before tax34,0289,613
Adjustments for:
— depreciation1312071
— profit on disposal of property, plant and equipment(3)
— share-based payments625171
— fair value adjustment for the value of the DGVL option14541822
— revaluation of investment properties(14,519)(2,300)
— interest expense8,3734,256
— interest and similar income(201)(166)
— share of loss/(profit) of joint ventures135(613)
— corporation tax payments(678)
Change in working capital:
— decrease/(increase) in inventories13,819(37,048)
— decrease/(increase) in trade and other receivables2,434(4,362)
— (decrease)/increase in trade and other payables(7,870)2,047
Net cash inflow/(outflow) from operating activities36,807(27,512)
Cash flow from investing activities
Interest received19945
Purchases of property, plant and equipment13(299)(51)
Purchases of investment property12(11,481)
Sale of property, plant and equipment3
Distribution from joint venture856
Acquisition of subsidiaries(250)
Loans provided to joint ventures(3,246)
Investment in joint venture(1,622)
Receipt of loan repayment from former associate company1,000
Net cash (outflow)/inflow from investing activities(16,699)1,853
Cash flow from financing activities
Interest paid(7,172)(3,351)
Repayment of borrowings(36,568)(10,107)
New loans35,54437,708
Equity dividends paid to ordinary shareholders(1,217)(540)
Purchase of own shares for Long Term Incentive Plan(382)
Net proceeds on sale of treasury shares580
Net proceeds on issue of ordinary shares274
Net cash (outflow)/inflow from financing activities(9,795)24,564
Net increase/(decrease) in cash and cash equivalents10,313(1,095)
Net cash and cash equivalents at beginning of year11,06412,159
Net cash and cash equivalents at end of year21,37711,064

The accompanying accounting policies and notes form part of these financial statements.